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Albuquerque is a city that has many attractions and venues that make it desirable. From museums to the desert landscapes, moving here will be sure to bring the entire family enjoyment. This area is also populated by quite a few hot air balloon enthusiasts, allowing more scenic skies and an activity that never loses its shine.

In the beautiful city of Albuquerque, real estate is just as gorgeous as the sights of nature around them. This is especially apparent in the Rio Grande Botanic Garden. The garden paths span more than a mile, taking you through many gardens and all the wonderful scents they produce. They have many things to see such as the tropical forest, butterfly pavilion and even a garden which is based on Japan. Even down to the stunning tiling on the floor, this garden is a must see in New Mexico.

While the foliage of New Mexico in itself is enough to make the average plant lover flip out, some people just aren’t interested in plants. The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science might help those people see the enjoyment Albuquerque has to offer. They have a very large selection of exhibits, including many fossilized dinosaurs. These include two Tyrannosaurus Rex statues, both of which were cast in bronze by a hometown sculptor. They have exhibits for the kids, as well as many exhibits that are regularly changed out.

This city is also home to the world’s longest aerial tramway. Measuring a shocking 2.7 miles, this tram travels to the amazing Sandia Mountains, providing a breathtaking view. The top of the tram ride is 10,378 feet tall, allowing a great view of the scenery below. The view is during a sunset or sunrise is nothing short of pure eye candy, especially from the top as it allows a 7,040,000 acre view of the surrounding landscape. While it might not be the best thing you’ve seen, it’s guaranteed to leave you with fond memories.

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With all of the amazing sights and venues in Albuquerque, homes for sale are a seemingly predominant choice. The venues far exceed museums and aerial trams though. These include the huge Coronado Center mall, with more than 100 stores. These include more popular stores like Macys and Sears, as well as kiosks to eat, spas, and much more. The mall closes at 9 pm except for Sundays, and there are activities for the children to enjoy.

While there are activities for the kids to enjoy in the mall, we all know that carousels and things like it aren’t going to please the kids too long, especially the older ones. That’s where the Hinkle Family Fun Center comes in. They provide activities like the Bumper Boats, which allows visitors to ride around in bumper rafts and squirt other with a squirt gun mounted on the front. Adrenaline seeking users will love the Bungee Jump Trampoline, allowing visitors to jump up to 20 feet while strapped into a top line safety harness.

Everyone has preferences on what’s fun, and some enjoy hiking or biking through planted trails. Albuquerque once again provides an activity for those people, an example of many being the Elena Gallegos Park. Featuring 640 acres of Albuquerque landscape the park is surrounded by three sets of mountains, with a 6,500 foot elevated view of them. The plantlife of the area includes scrub oak, blue grama grass, soapweed yucca and juniper trees. The trails span far and wide, allowing hikers and bikers both a place to ride/walk and enjoy the beautiful desert scenery.

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