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Albuquerque has many unique experiences that can be shared by residents that live there. Not least among them is a zoo that contains the only Tasmanian Wombats in the entire United States. In addition to its fantastic Zoo, Albuquerque also sports a botanical garden that hosts a butterfly pavillion where visitors can come to observe up to thirty different species of butterflies.

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Albuquerque also has an impressive aquarium that occasionally has an overnight exhibit where visitors can come and observe the nocturnal species of the aquarium. All of these features are part of Albuquerque's fantastic Biopark.

There are also several opportunities in the area to be cast as an extra in films as many production companies visit the area when they need to shoot a scene in the American Southwest. Albuquerque has impressive hiring opportunities for those who are looking into public service jobs such as firefighters or police officers. This fine city also has an impressive online collection of assets for those who are looking to open their own business in the Albuquerque area such as a collection of open areas to develop a business in and a list of documents that are necessary to do business in the city.

One of the other lovely features of the area is a year round low pollen count and a high air quality making Albuquerque an outstanding place to live in for families with members that have moderate or severe allergies. The low pollen count allows for many of the citizens of Albuquerque to use walking or biking instead of public transit allowing for a healthy city. Albuquerque also boasts three different taxi services, two train services and 3 transit bus lines for those that want to forgo the cities popular walking or biking options.

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Albuquerque offers eighteen different options that have been listed as being excellent or above and beyond the call of duty. After early child care the city offers many schools in the area dozens of which have received a grade of a B or A from the New Mexico Public Education Department. All in all the greater Albuquerque area has a total of approximately one hundred and forty schools. One of the better features of this areas school district is that many of it's high schools are incredibly high rated and one of the best rated part of the schools is it's opportunities to learn. The opportunity to learn statistic means that these schools offer a wide selection of extracurriculars including sports and the arts.

Albuquerque has great choices when it comes to dining. The city has over 50 restaurants that have received a rating of a B plus or higher from Urbanspoon a website where ratings are given out by both satisfied and dissatisfied customers. In addition to the typical chain restaurants the greater Albuquerque area has hundreds of restaurants that were created and managed by one owner since the inception of the idea for the restaurant. This means no frozen food and a different fresh tasting dining experience in Albuquerque for each day of the year.

Once school lets out there are many unique ways to spend a fun summer with one's children. Cliff's Amusement Park provides a non-franchised unique experience to residents of the Albuquerque area. The Albuquerque area also offers three public swimming pools as a way to conquer the heat in the summer seasons and three parks in addition to the aforementioned Biopark. The best part about life in Albuquerque though is that it offers many of the amenities of other large cities, but with an affordable cost of living that puts other cities to shame.

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